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Zmachine™ Pictures, Videos, and History

ZmachineUS patent #5195499 Made in U.S.A.

The Frisbee® / Flying Disc spinning machine

for learning and practicing the art of

Disc Freestyle (Links for Disc Freestyle)

Zmachine, Z Machine, Z-Machine, Spin Machine, Frisbee Spinning Machine, Disc Spinning Machine

5/18/2022 GOOD NEWS - More Zmachines™ are in production and may be ready to ship this year.

The first 48 micro processor Zmachines™ have been delivered!

(there are also 31 earlier models out there & the original Disc Popper)

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Zmachine™ Specifications

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Download Zmachine™ Users Manual (2/1/2010 -8.14 mb) [View as 'Filmstrip' to see pictures]:

(PC-CONTROLLED Zmachine™ owners) Download Control Software (vA2) -after download, unzip and read 0_ReadMe.txt:

Keep Styling -JT (John Siebert Thorne)


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