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Zmachine Pictures

Zmachine Control Panel Pictures (PC-CONTROLLED Zmachine)


(note original DIGITAL video of all these clips will be loaded eventually)

First there was the Disc Popper. It was too expensive to make.

Next came the Zmachine, half a Disc Popper. Someday there may be a Popper Base for it to sit on.

There are 11 "Blue" Zmachines and 20 (1 was destroyed) "Red" Zmachines out in the World today.

I am currently making 100 new Zmachines. Reserve yours today!


This was the first day anyone ever saw a high speed Disc! -early 1992

Pros Meet the Disc Popper Videos

Dave Murphy Meets the Disc Popper Videos

Second series "Red" Zmachine History (#0011 -> #0030) [& prototype #0010.5]

Red Zmachine Pictures

Red Zmachine Videos

First series "Blue" Zmachine History (#0001 -> #0010) [& prototype #0000]

Blue Zmachine Pictures

Video of First Zmachine (3.4 mb)