Zmachine™ Specifications

Zmachine(TM) -- US patent #5195499 CADMATICS 818-884-8957

21941 Ybarra Rd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364-4237


The best freestyle will always take place between skilled people, outside,

in a steady breeze. Sadly, this can not always be the case.

The Zmachine fills in for these times.

The extra RPM makes up for no wind inside conditions and

makes learning easier. The availability of fast and consistent repetition

means complex moves come quickly. 50 second delays are easy.

Learn both Clock and Counter! Practice toe moves too.

Just place a disc on the Zmachine and it will automatically start spinning.

Once its up to speed, simply reach under it with your hand (or foot) and

take the disc away on your nail. It will come straight off like glass.

Now learning freestyle is easy because you start with your finger right

in the middle, on disc -- its yours to lose!

Only one hand (left or right) is required to place a disc on the Zmachine.

Its possible to pick up and start a disc with your bare foot.

Its expensive, but its hand made and made to last.

Split the cost with your group or friends! -JT (John S. Thorne)

ZMACHINE: It's all you need! Most popular model!!

~$1200 TBD

It's the same as described below except that there is no computer

interface and there are only 3 controls: the direction switch,

a switch to select between full power (LEARN) & a fixed pro human

speed (PLAY), and the LEARN speed control knob.

It could be field upgraded to the PC-CONTROLLED model if you can solder

and test electronics as the circuit board is the same.



The Zmachine contains a micro-processor running at 10Mhz

and can be controlled by a LAPTOP PC.

Software and 25' interface cable included (can be extended

to longer lengths).

Uses Serial port or USB port with Serial adapter.

(Serial port is used to provide long transmission distances.)

LAPTOP displays usage counter and Automatic Delay Timer!

Clock/Counter direction switch.

Total Speed ("Zs"/RPM) Control.

Disc saving super smooth acceleration (and deceleration)

on soft VELCRO (hook part) skid pads.

Accepts all disc sizes (diameters) from full to 119G.

(Note the Zmachine can be modified to accept smaller Dog Discs.)

Heavy duty "Beach" construction -Sun & Sand OK.

Safety Fuse and Auto Shutoff Circuitry.

4 personality setup switches:

1) UPGRADE TO CLOCKED RPM -or- Extended start delay (kids)

2) Slow disc speed ramp up

*3) High speed lock out (kids) (SPEED RANGE SELECT)


(Speed setting is saved per SPEED RANGE SELECT when

this switch is OFF using the board PUSH BUTTON)

[* - Also a large switch on the control panel]

Idle Wheel Brake quickly stops the Idle Wheel when retracted.

Built in 'RE-CHARGE COMPLETE' indicating LED circuit.

Mini international USA/EUR/AUST/UK 12V battery charger included.

FREE REPAIRS/PARTS for 1 year (except battery).


DISCRAFT SKY STYLER disc with Zmachine Calibration hot stamp.

OPTIONAL WITH PC-CONTROLLED ZMACHINE: (can be installed by owner later)


CLOCKED RPM output feedback control system for reproducing

saved speeds exactly regardless of battery power level.

Includes REMOTE SENSOR for measuring Zs from human throws so that

the Zmachine can reproduce them perfectly over and over.

(LAPTOP PC required for measuring Zs)

STATISTICS: Disc RPM ranges- (about twice the speed of a human throw)

You can do 90 second nail delays!

1540 for full size discs

1600 Discraft Sky Styler

1750 WHAM-O 100 mold

300+ uses per charge. (600+ with larger battery.)

12 Volt battery (3.4 Ahr) powered.

NONSPILLABLE BATTERY (sealed lead acid - VRLA) excepted from the

international hazardous materials regulations and complies with

IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67 for air transport.

Weighs 9 pounds 4 ounces.

Size ~11 1/2 x 9 1/8 x 6 1/2" high, fits under airplane seat.

WARRANTY: One year (except battery).

SHIPPING WEIGHT: 12 pounds. 15x13x11 box.

OTHER COSTS: California add 9% sales tax.

$50 to pack and ship within USA.

($TBD to pack and ship to Europe.)